IF and wireless earphones

Hi everyone ! Hope y’all powering through these hard times…

I just have one quick question: Whenever I try playing IF with my earphones (I currently use Sony’s wireless earphones) I notice that the sound is a second late then originally (I noticed that when landing with the 50,40,30… sounds.
Does anyone experience that with their earphones/headphones etc…?

Thanks all in advance! Stay safe guys.

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That’s Bluetooth latency for you. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to improve that other than buying a new set of headphones 😜

If you have an android device, there are a couple of settings in the developer options menu in regards to Bluetooth devices, but there isn’t much that can be done regarding the latency.

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That will be due to the quality and signal strength of your headphones, nothing to do with Infinite Flight itself. Do you experience latency issues with other apps or when listening to music?

No that’s the thing it’s just with IF

That is very odd. Are your graphics running as they should?

Yup , no game crashing or any other problems , it’s just 1 sec late sounds

This has to do with the headphones. See if the same thing happens in other apps, like a game or a music app.

I just use normal Apple AirPods and for me there is no delay, that I can tell at least

It’s a strange situation, and certainly not one I’ve heard of before or experienced myself. It is most likely due to your headphones and not the sim itself, no other users have reported the same issue as far as I’ve seen.

Yeah airpods work the best because they are designed specifically for an Apple device

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There is no need for further questions. It’s just as Kirito said, it’s normal latency. Other apps like Youtube or Netflix are optimized for Bluetooth headphones and delay the videos automatically. Some have more latency, some less. The same thing happens with my Galaxy Buds. :)


Personally I would recommend a pair of airpods. There is no delay

Oh okay got it guys thanks a lot

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Thanks for assisting here everyone 🙌