IF and the battle of Inflation

Good morning, afternoon and/or evening,

I have been with IF and the IFC for a few years, posted things and answered questions. Played the game, met some great people and had some laughs along the way.

As I walk through the German mountains (or hills rather) with my dog, I often think about… Well, a lot of things.

Why does my dog have to pee so much on everything? Why are all the trees dying and the question a lot of you are probably asking as well:
Why is everything getting so expensive and when will it stop?

As inflation here in Germany is well above 8%, surely headed for 10% by the end of October and experts predicting a recession by the end of the year, the worry never stop…

Without getting any more political and sparking any political debates (seriously, please don’t), I came to wonder
Is IF affected by the constant price changes of life and how is it affected?

Probably the same as everybody else, but with the constant upgrades and constant work to make IF even better and more attractive to people, I just have to ask:

With all that I’ve mentioned (inflation, new updates, IF crew), will there be a change in price?
Monthly and/or yearly subscription?
Would it be “safe” to just purchase a yearly subscription now to avoid getting slammed by an increase of monthly fees?

I ask (again) to please keep your political views to yourself and also, please don’t flag my post.
I’m just curious to see how this all impacts IF and what they do to keep pilots “on board”.

Take care.
Blue skies and tailwind



As far as I have heard, prices have not changed since the release of Infinite Flight’s global version and perhaps in the near future when more things gets added that have a higher operational cost beyond the current profits of what Infinite Flight is currently earning, they may increase the price a little with appropriate notice. But as far as I am aware, inflation is not a factor in price increases (unless Cameron shall contradict whatever I said in his reply to which I will promptly delete my message).

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.
There have been a few inquiries if there will be a change in price due to the upgrades.

But: with inflation hitting everybody equally, that’s another factor which has to be included in everything else.

I’m just curious if all that will like up to eventually being used to up the price just a little.

Thanks for your reply (once again) and have a great rest of your day :)

And maybe you should educate your dog not to pee on everything. Maybe it brings global warm faster and prices raise because of it. 😄


Hi Max, thanks for your post about this, these are certainly some important questions you’re asking here :)

With regards to your pricing question, our prices are automatically adjusted for inflation and local tax changes by the stores who sell our subscription (the App Store and Google Play). This has happened in the past on several occasions, and you should be informed by the store when this happens.

The App Store (for our iOS users) has an upcoming change for a list of currencies including the Eurozone:

When the stores increase the prices for our “tier” of subscription, you’ll be informed about this and will start paying the new price when the subscription renews. So this would be up to you.

If we have any further information related to this topic, we’ll let you know, as we’re keeping a close eye on this.


Yes, I’m sure my dog is at fault for high inflation 😜😅


Hi Carmeron,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

Have a good day and a nice weekend

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No worries, have a great weekend yourself :)


Hey Cameron,

I think this has been answered, so you may close the “thread” if you’d like.

Thanks again for your time and your reply.
Take care

I hope you’re having a good weekend

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