IF and my 21st year on earth

The “also J Barroso’s Intl Day” is ending on my land but there’s still time to talk about IF and my life.

When I started playing this, I never thought that I would have such fun as I do everytime I open the app. I still remember my first log in to the IFC and how I used to think about IF.

I flew and flew a lot, took part in some VAs, of wich @AirCanadaVirtual was my first ever VA I applied for. Engaged with the community, took part in events, created events…

But the 20th year on earth, was the year of Infinite Flight in my life. Saw my 2nd country capital being upgraded (FNLU), I saw TAP’s A339 livery being introduced and the highest point: the re-foundation and management of @TAP_Portugal_VA of wich I am the main CEO.

Special thanks for @MiguelB and @CptRuben for walking always around with me in this adventure!

Oh! And hope you had a good Valentines Day 💝


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