If And How Often To Bump An Event

Hello Community,

How often do you think you should bump an event after the last reply. Obviously, I do try to add content to such a reply, but especially with events, I’m not sure what to add to it. So, I have two questions - and a poll to go with the first. Please feel free to leave any thoughts.

  1. How long after the last reply would you consider okay to bump it. Assume the event is maybe 10%-20% full.
  • Absolutely NEVER!
  • Daily
  • Every other day
  • Every 3 days
  • Every 5 days
  • Weekly
  • Somewhere between 7 and 14 days

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  1. Any suggestions of actually content to put in a otherwise spam comment?

I hate bumping, especially with no content, but sometimes, I just feel like you kind of have to if you wznt many more signups. I tried as a test just not bumping it, when I realized you have to atleast after 2 weeks because system automatically closes it 😂 I mean, that wasn’t the best event ever, but I think it could have done a bit better. Anyway 👇🏼

Sorry for basically asking how to spam, but I have found if you don’t, know one signs up - I mean, my events aren’t great, but there not too shabby I don’t think.


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I wouldn’t do anymore than every other day. If you do it daily it seems repetitive.


Yeah, that’s what I do at the minute

I never bump my event threads anyway. I let things come naturally.

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After bumping an event probably no more than 4 or 5 times (especially if its daily) you kinda start becoming “that guy” not naming names but I have seen people who bump their events daily for about 10 days straight to get 2-3 sign ups. So here is what I would say, bumping should be used only a few times when you feel that you really do need to bump but if nothing is happening after 3+ bumps you should probably stop bumping and let people sign up naturally and you might find it works better than constantly bumping.

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lucky @Tsumia!

Anyway, I agree with @Sashaz55, but as a tip to those who need it; don’t actually bump it up by saying “sign up pls” give actual info like "New gates, New VA, etc.

also as @KTJ_Mitchell said:


I personally think it’s selfish for the OP to jump their own topic. Just my thought though.

I think every other day works fine, especially if you’re not trying to get on the razor’s edge (haha AC/DC reference) with that 30-day limit.

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Yeah, that 30 days sometimes is a little short. And the 14 days after last reply kind of forces you to bump ut anyway. I mean, who’s going to sign up to an event they have to scroll for a hour to even see.

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I’d say never, but if you’re gonna bump it, make sure you’re at least providing something new or interesting to bring with it. I used to bump my events by announcing the addition of SIDs and STARs (back when procedures weren’t even announced).

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