IF and 2017 iPad

Hello! So, as of right now, I am using an iPhone 7 Plus, and I’m tired of the small screen, and the tiny buttons. I mainly use it to play infinite flight, but I think I can get better. I was looking for good iPad’s all over the internet, and have stumbled upon an 2017 iPad. What I’m writing this thread about is to ask you if the 2017 iPad can run Infinite Flight smoothly. Does it crash a lot? Lag out? Or just doesn’t work? Are there any features that the iPad’s have that iPhone’s don’t? I’d love to know before making this long-term purchase. Have a good day!


Sick of an iPhone 7 Plus…


The new iPad has a lot of processing power btw.


Fixed it up a bit :)

I have the 2016 iPad Pro, and it runs IF just beautifully. 60fps with all settings at max. I can only imagine the 2017 version of iPad being better than mine. You should definitely pick it up if you can.


I have the 2017 iPad myself and it’s 100% worth it. It runs Infinite Flight without any issues with maximum settings. If you have the money, go for it, it’s really a fantastic product. :)


I’m getting the 10.5 inch iPad for Christmas! Look around, there’s a ton of Black Friday deals go on, I found a deal for 175 dollars off the latest iPad. It has 4 GB of ram which is monsterous and will run Infinite Flight for years and years to come.