IF.Alaska’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread. I am currently trying to gain experience to join IFATC!

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Feel free to join!

I’ll be there now

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Stepping by for some patterns @IF.Alaska.

Sure I’ll come stop by in a bit!

Edit: Never mind just saw you closed

Now Closed! Thanks for coming. I might open up later today. All feedback is appreciated, I know I did bad though.

Sorry, I have school in 15 minutes.

Hey there, thanks for opening up today. I was the Citation X. Here’s my feedback.

  1. 19:41:34Z: PANC is one of those airports where you don’t need to give a transition at 3000ft. 2500ft would suffice, since the airport elevation is 0ft. In case you need it, transitions are calculated by adding 2500 on top of airport elevation.
  2. 19:42:31Z: No need to ask transitioning aircraft for their intentions. Just let them fly through your airspace at altitude, and once they’ve reached the boundaries of your airspace, you can frequency change them and let them go about their business. They’ll call in for anything else if they’d like to.
  3. 19:43:31Z: You didn’t give me a pattern entry on my inbound. Per Section 3.3.1 of the ATC Manual, all inbounds without Radar must receive an appropriate pattern entry (Left Downwind 07L for me), any applicable sequence, and then a clearance.
  4. 19:46:50Z: Nice job giving G-TJRA a pattern entry, but it was a bit late for Left Downwind in my opinion. Giving them Right Downwind 07R would’ve been better. Their sequence at 19:46:50Z was a bit incorrect; I was on downwind, not base.
  5. 19:48:24Z: No need to give me another traffic direction for my second clearance; you’ll only give traffic directions on the initial inbound clearance, or if they change runways and are being cleared for the new runway for the first time. Refer to Section 3.3.6 of the ATC Manual.
  6. 19:53:19Z: I should’ve been sequenced to follow G-TJRA on final. They weren’t quite at the threshold yet.
  7. 19:54:55Z: G-TJRA needed a sequence to follow me on final. All aircraft going to the same runway need an applicable sequence. The exceptions are for aircraft cleared for the ILS/GPS Approach by Radar. Section 3.3.1 of the ATC Manual already linked above has more detail and an image to guide you through sequencing.
  8. 19:55:47Z: No need to re-clear me to land after I reported full-stop. You cleared me for the option beforehand, and the option covers a full-stop, stop and go, low pass, and touch and go. However, if I wasn’t yet cleared before I reported full-stop, a landing clearance would be appropriate. Same with G-TJRA at 19:58:26Z.
  9. 19:57:00Z: Not sure why I was told to go-around, since both aircraft were clear of the runway and behind their respective hold short lines.
  10. 19:57:52Z: On my runway change to 07R, I needed a pattern entry. All runway changes require one. Section 3.3.4 of the ATC Manual explains it.

The basics need a slight brush-up, but overall, it’s not too bad. You’ll find Sections 2 and 3 of the ATC Manual to your liking in helping address these mistakes. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, I definitely will brush up! The reason I told you to go around is on the radar the Alaska airlines 737 was still crossing the runway and I didn’t want to risk a collision since you were less then a mile out, and I’m slow at transmissions so by the time I told you he was already clear!
Man being a controller is so stressful 😭
Thanks for the feeback!

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