IF Airports Released Map and their Routes

Here is a map of ALL Airports currently redone in Infinite Flight. Each now has a link to FlightRadar24 routes and also have a listing of the airport spawn points (some of these are still being added to this map)



nice, i seem to remember ages ago you made a file you could import into google earth and view there, what happened to that?

Due to the huge number of airports I moved this to Google Maps. It now starts with All of the countries in the world. As you click into each country you can view all of the airports done AND all of the airports still to be edited. I keep this updated as we add new airports. This way it is possible to track our progress.

The Google Earth plot only included airports done


Thankyou very much, the words ‘hard work’ are just written all over that map!

Ah ok, thanks for the clarification.

What does the gun symbol mean?

The gun symbol denotes a military airport :)


Ah was thinking. Just that there are some other air bases (I only looked at Switzerland) that haven’t that sign. Like payern or Sion which is both military and civil

In that case, where there is commercial air traffic I have tended towards a normal plane symbol. The intent of the first map was for those who wanted to fly passenger aircraft.

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I have also updated my Airline chart


This also now has links to all airports flown by that airline

Example = British Airways


So all of these airports are currently being reworked or have been reworked?

ALL of these are done!

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How do i access this?

Click on either of the 2 maps at the top of the thread. They are hyperlinks.

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