IF Airport Schematics Listing

The first thing I’d like is just an offline map of all the airports. Like the in-game map but one I can just have up on my pc or whatever when deciding on a flight plan before spawning.

Next would be something like @Aernout mentioned. An airport map with spawn points labeled.

It would be great to see it in something like liveflight, @carmalonso. If I could load it up, see all airports on the map, click on one to bring up the airport layout. That would be awesome.

Check my page www.kiltmchaggis.com this shows spawn points. Currently working on SoCal maps

Excellent. Great start.

@Kilt_McHaggis is there a way to make it so clicking on the next region or airport does not open a new tab? Right now I have to open 3 tabs just to see an airport. Is this something you configure with your site or is it browser-based?

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Just noticed a bug/issue. This is the link for ETNG but this is not ETNG :)

The map is taken directly from the authoring too, so it is as accurate as it can be. Resolution of the map is dependent on the size of the source file and the expectation of the customer. One solution I was chatting to Cameron was to potentially stitch the marked up graphic to the liveflightapp. Right now I am hosting the info on my low tech web site. This was mainly to get feedback as to the desire/expectation of the customer. Longer term, if there is seen to be a need then the question is what should the platform be?

  1. Infinite Flight Community
  2. A Infinite Flight wiki
  3. Zoomable maps linked into liveflightapp
  4. Integral to the HUD in IF so once you are on the ground you can view the plan view of the airport

This will not be my call. Ultimately it will be up to the developers who own the intellectual property. This was just my attemp to provide info and better understand the Voice of the Customer.

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Thank you sir. I will fix my mistake this evening.

Swang the simple answer is yes. It is a setting on the web tool. Some people like to open new pages some do not. My original thought was if I was flying from and to then I would want to see both pages. Again I am looking for feedback as to people’s preferences.

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Also please be aware, this is NOT the authoring tool. It is a selection of elements from the authoring tool, snipped and marked up using MS PowerPoint using criteria selected by myself dependent on the resolution and quantity of Spawn points on each map.

I think it would be best integrated into liveflight, at least as a first step before possible integration into the app. Just have all airports on the liveflight map. Then when you click on one it brings up your airport layout.

New Improved Site: www.kiltmchaggis.com

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As this is a wiki site anything is possible. My attempt was to provide a reflection of what is available in IF which currently allows any aircraft type at all of the airports selected (Bravo and Charlie). I may add Aircraft specs later when I find time. I already have most of this ready to process. What may be good is to classify which planes are used by which airlines (a quick lookup table so users can see all American Airlines etc).

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I am unsure what a basic aerodrome chart is. I am an engineer to trade. Are you looking for a black and white silhouette schematic diagram? I could provide a powerpoint or visio file of an airport if you wish to try.

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This is an example of KHIO which I am currently reworking. If you can invert the colors easily then yes I can produce these

Updating schematics now that we have a thriving Airport Editing team. I hope to check through all of the Bravo and Charlie class airports to ensure the following:

  • Complete array of gates at Main Terminals. I will add if I see ‘opportunities’
  • 2 tone image of taxiways referenced to the runways
  • All spawn points marked on the schematic
  • Removal of any "Hold Short’ positions as these can cause infractions with ATC ops

Since I am hosting this site I can technically add any feature that the community thinks would be useful to put here (within reason and due respect to Infinite Flight) so for example, I have put a list of planes by liveries. I could also put other listings or graphics useful for VAs.

Contact me if I can be if further assistance.


Kilt McHaggis

(See www.kiltmchaggis.com. )

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