IF Airport Schematics Listing

Amsterdam and SoCal are now complete. See the Airport Schematics here:


@carmalonso @Swang007

This would be cool. Would this info be compiled manually on images or created dynamically with data taken from the airport editing data?

Any possibilities of something like this with the spawn points added so people can have a look where they want and can spawn before loading the game?


These are excerpts taken from the I-Flight *.apt files and doctored using MS powerpoint to highlight the spawn points in the game. This was something I was going to do for myself but wondered if others would like access. Not sure of final output yet and am open to suggestions. Could be a web enabled ppt file with linked pages to an overall map of Bravo/Charlie airports in the area. Could be linked into the flight tracker with the help from Cameron. Could even be an extension to one of the Wiki pages. My concern was

  1. is there interest
  2. how to make it easily accessible to most players
  3. since this data is generated by IF volunteers, what considerations are necessary for royalties/data ownership.

I know personnally that I have always wanted to know how to get from spawn points to the runways. The text is marked up by myself, therefore I suspect there will be no intellectual right issues. Just wanted a nod and wink from those in the know before I made anything public and to see how to best provide it.

People would just choose the spawn closest to the runway :/

Not really, atleast personal I don’t mind the taxi its pretty fun but it would be nice to have an overview to decide where to spawn.

It would be cool, and I agree that taxiing is fun, certainly when there are many aircraft on the ground, but as an ATC i have seen many people just taxing through grass and terminals and gates straight to the runway… What I want to say is those would just choose the spasm closest probably 😉

I’m not so sure. We have been expanding some of the more ‘basic’ airports to include the outer lying features. Gone are some of the airports with just a runway. They now have a more accurate interpretation of the airfield and outlying buildings and hardstands. Some of the Europe based air bases now have some spawn points hidden back in the further reaches of the base. You will have to wait and see them in the next Airport update ;)

OK Let me know what you think: www.kiltmchaggis.com

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I get a 404 on http://www.kiltmchaggis.com/amsterdam.html

Sorry about that my web designer is a heap of $&(*. Please retry and you should see 5 pages published. If it makes sense I could just upload these on to the IF server. I have all of Amsterdam ready. Actually it is a good snapshot of what needs reworked. If I could upload onto the IF server as a wiki I think others would be interested.

Looks great!

Thx Sam will attempt to upload rest of Amsterdam region. Cameron do you think we should look at a more permanent home for this info in the Community pages?

Great idea! You should really try this!

Looks good!
We could probably find something - can’t be hosted by IF but maybe something I can integrate into LiveFlight someday.

What would make this interesting is if we were to make this interactive - a Google map with this manually added info. I’ll think about how we can make this work :)

All of Amsterdam is now complete. Please recommend next area of interest.

SoCal would probably be useful - if you need a list of airports let me know :)

Will be on to that. I already have my listing if you remember my Excel file :)

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Nice, you have the groundwork done then thankfully :)