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Hi Im from norway and Im locking forwod to try this update global, but I do not see oslo airpart at this map and meny more airport are missing in norway. Wil this arirports bee at this map later ?

Every airport will be in global, just the ones on the chart are the ones that we at the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team have edited to make better for you. All airports from Trailer Park dirt runways to 5000m+ runways will be in Infinite Flight. that includes the airports you want. If it exists it is there, just some of the airports we have made to look better, don’t worry.

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Try this list: https://sites.google.com/view/kiltmchaggis/n

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For New Players. Here is a HUGE list of resources for Global ALL FREE to use





I am developing a coded-spreadsheet to translate the Simbrief OFP into Infinite-Flight-ready/compatible FPL. I got this link (https://github.com/InfiniteFlightAirportEditing/Navigation/blob/master/dat/fix.dat) from a member for the waypoint directory used in IF, but when I checked a random waypoint, I found a quite large discrepancy for my purpose. Please check the attached images for more explanation, and let me know of your helpful suggestions.
Many thanks in advance…

Here are the coordinates if you want to check for yourself:

ZBBA 4020N/11656E 4012N/11633E LG351

Definitions (respectively):
ZBBA: nearby airport

4020N/11656E: assigned coords in GitHub :: Navigation/master/dat/fix.dat

4012N/11633: try-and-error-found coordinate best representing the target waypoint (manual inputs)

LG351: Target Waypoint (name and coordinate listed in GitHub but when inserted in IF it points at a different location, however in the region yet too far away to be relied upon)

@Kilt_McHaggis@MaxSez: My man the scotsman, Mr. Cartographer what’s the status on the Aerodrome Color Codes? (When will they appear on the “Globe”)

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Mr Florida how are you kind sir. I have 3 types of maps on my drive

  1. Global maps of airports where the color scheme is as you had. If you open the legend if the map it should show
  2. Parking Maps. Here the color or class is denoted by the wingspan (see my list of aircraft)
  3. Navigational maps where there is no legend or color code. These are kml files which should be opened in Google Earth

Aircraft: https://sites.google.com/view/kiltmchaggis/aircraft
Country Maps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNNHI4MkNFMndOSlk
Airport Parking/Taxiways: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNUlRPVTNRT2N0cXc
Airlines: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNRVc3OUVMeTljQlk
Navigation kml: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNaE1LLUthdTRCb28

Let me know how I can improve the experience



@Kilt_McHaggis… MaxSez: Kind Sir, Appears I misinterpreted the intent and “Assumed” some of your exceptional work would eventually migrate to the IF Platform. The Color Code you’ve developed would be an exceptional addition to the present in Sim “Glode Chart”. In fact I’m working up a Topic with recommend additions for future “IF Chart” which will appear with the next and future updates. ie: Lat/Long parallels, additional fixes relating to ILS localizer intercept fixes at B fields, Country Names in the Field ID block etc. With your permission I’d like to add your “Field Color Codeing” System, to the Topic, OK?

Dear Mr Max, you or anyone else on IF is most welcome to abuse my data any way you see fit. I will just keep on adding to my library set for the good of the community.

Most Respectfully

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@Kilt_McHaggis… Sir, “Abused”, on the contrary, Your products are welcomed and utilized almost daily by those who know!

(Noted your closure “Respectfully”, brings back fond memories in my military mind. Traditionally the term “Respectfully” and “Very Respectfully” has a curtious military connotation. Find a military composition etiquette handbook on line for the rule. A great Trivia Quiz question winner.)

Warm Regards, Very Respectfully Max

Indianapolis Executive need Redone same as other airports around the world. Some airport layouts are wrong. No taxiways etc. I’m not paying $100 a year for airports not edited right.

Hi there. I don’t understand what your request is for. If you don’t use the proper ICAO then I cannot process your request. I hope you get a copy of WED for Christmas.


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OK I have now published an Excel of ALL Airlines v ALL Aircraft.


There are links for Airline maps and links for Aircraft info. Not all Airlines are included. I will add as requested. Looking for feedback


Currently I have located An airport in need of updating and hoping this is the correct place to post it.

VVNB - Ha Noi/Noi Bai International Airport is not appearing correct in IF where the ILS’s are overlapping and the runway is not set correctly _ it is extra wide with extra markings.

I hope someone would be able to investigate and update this airport for us.


Hope the above information helps.



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In this you can see the issue. Sorry no moon to help with clarity

This is NOT the correct place to post this, as the Airport Editing Team does not take requests. This airport is currently being redone however. If you spot a small issue with an airport that has been redone (multiple spawns, correct lines, etc.) This can be posted in the form here:

Ryan Epps

Airport Editing Supervisor


Hi there. Sorry to take so long to respond. Been busy at work. This airport currently shows the default XPlane version.

If it looks like this then you are seeing the older version. (1 runway)


We do have a newer version pending release and update by IF

It currently looks like this (2 runways) - however it has not yet been released

One of our editors is currently working this airport! @Lalo_Marlin


What airport is that?

As discussed above VVNB


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