IF aircrash investigations?

What happens to that topic. I wan going use it for a vid or two


I’m up to join the IFTSB …there are ample of planes crashing btw

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It got really repetitive and the humor of it went away.


Do you mean this topic?

Or this one?

Ya …True dat

Thank you, what happened to it? I could not find it lol. Once again thank you

If you make it into a video will you add minor parts of accident reports. If yes I will write them for the IFTSB

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Lol, if your gonna make a video containing every crash I’ll literally spend the next few years watching it, even if you fast forward it by x10.

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Actually, why bother? You will always end up with this conclusion ‘pilot error’

One day, if I have time, I would like to add a “flight recorder” in my app IF Cockpit that would register both app movements and airplane state, like every second, and be able to register all flight params during the flight and export a chart you could share on the forum
so you can actually find when/where the pilot failed (too slow, too high, etc)


I could see some good episodes/investigation happening. we could recreate actual crashes and see if we could land it.

MaxSez: This Forum Topic and any Topic dealing with accidents, emergencies, Maydays, Air Police Forces etc Crashed and burned years ago. These type operation or organizations are non-starters as long as both the Forum and IFATC Moderators continue to supervise in there indomitable fashion. Save your breath.


just go TS1, lol…

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Don’t worry i will do the Filming on TS1, I will fit right in

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where can I submit a video,

Post it here

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