IF Aircraft

I’m personally a lover of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft and I fly them in IF quite often. However, while flying I found some unrealistic features in some of the aircraft, notably the Boeing 717 through 777 families and all Airbus widebodies. Here are my findings:

  1. IF Aerodynamics
    This has to be a hot topic of the year in the IFC forums as many other pilots also noticed the problems. Indication of lift on some of jet wings is not present (i.e. no flex), and dat all I’m gonna say…

  2. IF Mechanics
    Gears down and you may notice that the main gears of the widebodies are also not tilted the way they’re supposed to be in real life. For instance, the Boeing 767 supposed to have a downward pointing main gear truck while the A330 should have an extremely upward pointing truck on the 4 wheelers. Flaperons are also on the 777 for only one job, flaps.

Another interesting finding is the dilemma of taxiing at night. In other words, since there ain’t lights on the taxiways, the aircraft landing lights should at lease have a light projection to the path of travel (i.e. functional). I tacobout this since I simply can’t taxi at night in the cockpit and most of the time not even with the 360 chase cam lol.

  1. Airbus Problems
    So how in the world don’t A330s and A340s have actual fan spinners instead of some flat pancakes with awkward spirals in the middle? Need major improvements para los T H I C C heavies de Aerobus kkkkkkkk…

  2. Pain Job (liveries)
    The feeling when you omit the “t” in bih when it becomes simply “bich”, pain? How about some new liveries on the A333 such as the new Qantas and new AA liveries? Maybe Fedex for 763BCF’s? Even better, Cathay Pacific on the 747-8F? You may also pay your respect or our supreme leader Kim Jong-un by adding our glorious Skytrax 10 star-rated world’s best ever airline, Air Koryo on to the pure piece of capitalism Boeing 787-10. All hailru the Supreme Leadah!


So some of these aircrafts were added in the beginning of IF. Some maybe missing things and not perform as they would irl. So in the #features area many people have asked for reworks so I suggest adding a vote there so that they do get a rework faster


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Hello, please feel free to check out #features and give votes to aircraft you want reworked, or other stuff added to the game.



In your topic you’ve talked about older aircraft models, which do not have features like our newer models (787, CRJ). These aircraft are going to be reworked some day and will have all the features newer aircraft have and possibly more. You can head over to #features and vote for your favorite request. In #features, you can also vote for other things you mentioned like landing gear tilt, night mode etc.

You’ve also talked about liveries - you can vote for those too in #features. Developers are working hard and are busy, they can’t add everything we want at one time. Nice things come to those who wait.

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I say pretty much every Boeing aircraft except for the 787 and every Aerobus omit the A320 familia


The various items that you covered are mainly from aircraft that were added when Infinite Flight came out years ago. The developers have recognized that some aircraft are of lower quality and are on the list to be reworked to today’s higher standards. Wing flex, engine blade animations, liveries and more are all areas of improvement that will come with time. Until then, we have a category dedicated to suggestions that you guys, the community, are able to post in. #features category has a ton of feature requests and suggestions that the developers do look at. Thanks for the understanding.