IF Aircraft POHs (Pilot's Operation Handbook)

This is a collection of all IF POHs. Use these to get operational data such as V- and Landing speeds, Weight requirements, Checklists, emergency procedures and more.

Note that many of these are for simulator use and not the actual handbooks. Still invaluable and correct though.

FCTM = Flight Crew Training Manual
QRG = Quick Reference Guide

A320 series: [Brief] (http://www.despair.ch/staff/library/thc003.pdf), [FCTM] (http://www.737ng.co.uk/A320%20321%20FCTM%20Flight%20Crew%20Training%20Manual.pdf)
A330: [Lufthansa] (http://air.felisnox.com/view.php?name=a330.pdf), [FCTM] (http://www.dream-air.ru/new/pilotam/FCTM_ENV_LR-1-.pdf)
A340: [Simulation] (https://www.commerciallevel.com/liveries/files/A340600/Manual/CLS_A340_500_600_OPERATIONS_MANUAL.pdf), [FCTM] (http://www.dream-air.ru/new/pilotam/FCTM_ENV_LR-1-.pdf)
A380: No POH findable, [Aircraft Characteristics] (http://www.airbus.com/fileadmin/media_gallery/files/tech_data/AC/Airbus-AC-A380-Dec2014.pdf) from Airbus has some useful details

B717: Nothing findable
B737: [Simulation] (http://virtualaircadetairlines.weebly.com/uploads/5/0/6/9/50696965/b737_manual.pdf), [FCTM] (http://www.737ng.co.uk/737NG%20POH.pdf) (Over 1000 pages long!)
B747-200: Nothing Findable, instead use:
B747-400: [Boeing] (http://www.anythingaboutaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/747400operation.pdf)
B747-8: [QRG] (http://www.supercritical-simulations.com/downloads/747-8%20Quick%20Reference.pdf), [Simulation] (http://www.supercritical-simulations.com/upload/uploads/docs/747-8%20Pilot%20Reference%20Guide%202.0.pdf)
B757: [Simulation] (http://www.qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_757_collection/docs/QualityWings_Ultimate_757_Collection_Users_Manual_SP3.pdf), [QRG] (http://www.flywestwind.com/hangar/aircraft_files/foms/B752FOM.pdf)
B767: [FCTM] (http://nwtraining.ru/assets/files/pilot/B767%20FCOM%20rev.9.pdf)
B777: [Continental] (https://curiozitydotnet.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/continental-airlines-boeing-777-flight-manual.pdf)
B787: Nothing Findable, but see [this] (B787-9 flight guide) by @Swordfish

Dash-8 Q400: [Simulation] (http://www.air.flyingway.com/books/manual/FJS-Dash_8_Q400_Manual.pdf) credit @Maxmustang
C172: [1978 Version, but still current] (http://www.skywarriorinc.com/downloads/POH%20BOOKS/172N%20POH.pdf)
C208: [Cessna] (http://www.208cessna.com/2012/03/cessna-grand-caravan-poh.html) (scroll down for POH sections)
Cirrus SR22: [Cirrus] (http://www.aeroprague.com/cz/Cirrus_SR22_Handbook_and_Manual.pdf)

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MaxSez: For the new kid on the block see; “WiKi How; How to fly a Cessna”.
Excellant tutorial for GA & basic flight procedures from take off to landing. An exceptional overview of basic flight procedures.


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I don’t really get this… Can someone explain it to me?

The Pilot’s Operating Handbook is a document created by the aircraft manufacturer (sometimes airline specific) which contains loads of useful info about the aircraft. This includes checklists, V-Speeds, approach procedures, emergency instructions, and more. It certainly isn’t compulsory for flying the relatively simple IF aircraft, but it has useful info for flying them.

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