IF Aircraft List

Hey IFC,
I am wanting to write down a list of every aircraft in IF for a folder, which do you think is the best way to set it out aircraft wise?

  • Biggest to smallest
  • Smallest to biggest
  • Alphabetical by the manufacturer
  • Alphabetical by aircraft
  • Most frequently used to least frequently used
  • Most complex to easiest
  • Easiest to most complex

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Thanks a lot!

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Check this. It might be easier to just copy from this if you want your own or just use this one:


Here’s another great resource too that lists aircraft



I’m not sure what the point of this link is, I’m not doing flight plans (yet), just sorting how I’m going to order the IF aircraft.

“Malware Distribution Point”… PLEASE EXPLAIN!

Not really sure.

here’s what it looks like


Oh right ok, I’ll check it out, thanks!

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Click it and you will see.

I will when I get home, can’t access here at school.

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