IF Aircraft Database

Would having a database with the following information be useful?

  • aircraft
  • airline
  • livery
  • registration

For one, you could easily look up which aircraft of a certain airline are included in IF.

I’ve searched the forum but was unable to find anything about this.
@Kilt_McHaggis used to have a list when his site was still up.

Technical information could be included as well.
Think of:

  • flap limits
  • take off speeds
  • landing speeds
  • cruise speed
  • dimensions
  • aircraft class
  • other facts
  • and so on

Basically all the information you now have to find on Google.
The possibilities are endless.

I’m not a programmer or app creator.
What would be the best way to go about this?
Any ideas?


I like the idea, would be great to see it implemented some time.

Would like to see this!

I actually started something like this a while ago, but I never really went forward with it.
Maybe I can find the time to work on it again over the holidays…

It’s taking shape. Still testing though.
It’ll take some time.

I’ve added some basic info to all aircraft.
I’ve added images and flap limits to the A318’s.

You can see it here.

Feedback is welcome.


Awesome idea! I look forward to reading it. What about also adding the Registration Number?

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