IF Air Force Bases

I’m trying to make an event. Is there a list, or can anyone name some of the air force bases that are currently in Infinite Flight? Preferably the US Air Force bases.

I tried searching for a list but, no luck.

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I can find that. Thank you though.

Well the most known Andrews Air Force base Dover air base Camp Pendleton in California, Edwards afb

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All Air Force bases are currently in IF, so I assume you are asking which are edited. Look for yourself here: http://map.airportediting.com/


Ok great, thank you.

KEDW has a ton of runways and is personally my favorite AFB to fly to in IF

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I use it for practicing buttery landings. Did one at -2 the other. I can send it to anyone if they want.

Hey Trio,

KNXP is a good one!

When searching for an airport on live just type in “afb” which i always do and you will get almost all of them except for example Joint Base Andrews (KADW)

Hope that helps!

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A list (short but still a list)

Edwards AFB (possibly KEDW)
Charleston AFB
Twenty Nine Palms AFB (KNXP)
Joint Base Andrews (KADW)

I will try to lengthen this for you!!!

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That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you very much!

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Is te event for ATCEG???

Maybe, I’m working on it. 😉

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Here are a few that might be good options:

KFFO - Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio)
PAED - Elmendorf AFB (Alaska)
KEDW - Edwards AFB (California)

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I fly in and out of KNIP all the time. Wish we had a P8 aircraft in IF to do some mock ASW.

Likewise for any UK airforce fields you can type in ‘RAF’

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USAF bases in Europe with based aircraft

RAF Fairford - no based aircraft, but U2 swapover every few weeks, along bomber deployments
RAF Mildenhall - KC135, CV22, MC130, RC135, plenty of visiting aircraft
RAF Lakenheath - F15c, f15e, HH60 pavehawk helicopter, soon F35a aircraft.

1)Aviano (Italy) - F16
2)Spangdahlem (Germany) F16
3) Ramstein (Germany) C130j-30

Many more too

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Also, very helpful. Never thought to try that. Thank you. :)

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NAS Oceana
Nas Pensacola
Nas Lemoore
MCAS Miramar
Edwards AFB
Vandenberg AFB
McChord AFB
Nellis AFB
Travis AFB
Langley AFB
Shaw AFB
Homestead AFB

all i can think of currently that are in Infinite Flight

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