IF Advanced Spotting Part 3

Today, the series continues with part 3!
I went spotting on @BavariaAVIATION’s ATC practice yesterday evening.
Here are some pictures for u guys ;)


1: @cordes → A320 Lufthansa → 1927z

2: @scandinaviangroup → A320 SAS → 1932z

3: @Snelweg_A15 → B737-800 Transavia → 1934z
*Bonus Photo down below ;)

4: @Hamza_Adan → A330-200F Turkish Cargo → 1930z

5: @IceBlue → Cessna Citation X → 1931z
Bonus Photo #2 see down below ;)




Big thanks to @BavariaAVIATION for allowing me to do this and the stunning ATC work!


Part 4 won’t be out tomorrow,
There is gonna be EBLG Spotting Part 2 [IRL] tho :)

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Anytime again! :)
Great series also, good chance to see what you miss as a controller ;)

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@TnTpilotBE great photo of me :) especially the bonus one.


Don’t know, in the morning/evening you get those nice effects

Where am I?!