IF adding in the A350

I think adding in the A350 into IF would be absolutely amazing!!!

Comment below if you think so too!

@Will_J :)

This should be on the #features catagory

Just like your previous post, you are currently trust level 1. TL2 enables you to make a #features request. In addition, there is a duplicate of your request.

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Vote for it if you feel it is needed

This has already been requested. According to Tyler
We at FDS are well aware of the demand and have also stated that this is not the appropriate time for this feature. We have many gems that could use a facelift and certainly need some fleet diversity.

Additionally, the A350 is still quite new which also means information is limited. Waiting until it is more established, all variants are in service, and tech data is available will equate to a more accurate and enjoyable model.

As for this thread, it will remain closed for a few days to let the dust settle. This topic has veered way off course. I’d encourage everyone to take their blinders off and accept other perspectives and opinions as well. Restating your stance multiple times won’t drive it home any faster. Thanks for your understanding!

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This should be is Features Category. But this would be cool to have but it’s probaly not coming until a year or more than 10+ Months because of all the begging.


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