IF Add-ons

How do you use IF operation?

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IF Passengers cost so much!

What are you talking about it lets you know how good your landing was

Yes it is a lot of money

How much is it? I forgot lol.

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Just look in your App Store. On last Black Friday you could get it for free

I think it’s $5 for the base app and then $5 for each add-on. I got the GPWS callouts add on because it comes with VNAV which I use for step climbing

I’m on Android so rip :C

Nice nice!

Google Play Store maybe?

Yeah it cost $0 to download it but you need buy everthing once you enter the app

Though this is not updated, it is a list of third party add ons for Infinite Flight.

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Some of those doesn’t work lol

Yeah, as I said the thread is pretty old, so some of them are no longer working.

If you’d like to find more third party resources, you can browse the #thirdparty category! I’m sure you will find something you like.

Cheers! (10 words)

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Just as a a note, Infinite Passengers isn’t officially supported by infinite Flight any more - so it may be buggy.

in fact don’t use any 3rd party app, gotta remember everything myself and do it on my own lol

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Sorry to bump this topic, but @Captain_74gear, @Balloonchaser just posted a brand new database which is updated to date.

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Yeah I have seen that but thanks

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