IF account

can someone help with this please because I am confused my global subscription was supposed to run out yesterday the 18th now its sayin it don’t run out till the 20th and I don’t have anything to do with money linked to my account so I don’t know what’s going on

Is it for this month on the 20th? Just making sure it hasn’t auto renewed

yes its for this month and no it hasn’t renewed I have no money on my phone account

I would wait for a mod to assist you as they can check however have you restarted the app aswell to ensure it’s not an error?

yes I have I did a flight last night ended the flight went back on 30 minutes ago and its still running

IF gives you about a week or two to come up with a payment or your subscription will effectively end. This is considered a grace period for you to either cancel your sub. Or update your payment method.

ok than you for your help

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