IF A350 discussion

Hello IFC! I want to know when the IF A350 is coming out. You can also just talk about the A350 too, thanks!

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Discussions are already ongoing on all developments on Infinite Flight here, including the A350!


We do not know when the A350 will be released, no one does, it will be released when it’s ready, that can be in a week, a month or a year, we just can’t predict the release sadly.

It could be a year, but seeing the development I personally think a year is a bit long, they have already done a lot.

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Nobody knows. But regardless. We’re either getting the 777 rework or the A350 this yeat. That’s what they’ve announced. Further discussion can be moved to more appropriate threads.

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Also like Nate said, you can discuss this in the topic posted above 😉.