IF 777-200ER Pilots

Something I have noticed about the new 777 is that the first officer is in the captain’s chair and the captain in the first officers chair. What quirks have you guys noticed?

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Hey Devon! This is because the first officer is training to be a captain.


I’ve never noticed that - I guess the reason is the one @lucaviness mentioned.

that could be a very good point never thought of that. It just caught me off guard because I have never seen that in other IF jets

I completely trust the IF development crew and I wouldn’t call it a mistake but one of those hidden Easter eggs or tiny details you know?

Well they did it since there’s a lot of controversy on the topic of which pilot should take the left seat. They put the existing male pilot model which has three stripes in the left seat. Basically they used a copy of the old pilot model which before was used to be the first officer and just plopped it down in the left seat I guess. Don’t think it’s an Easter egg or anything. :)

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