IF 5th top paid game :D

Hey guys just to let you know IF got 5th Top payed game on the app store 🥳


Meanwhile downloading RFS-


Oh no I’ve been caught :o lol

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I was going to say the same thing 😂

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What category did it get this award for?

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Lol im re downloading it bc idk why i wanna compare it

Most payed games

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That’s awesome!! So happy to see IF climbing to the top!! Although I think it’s by country cause I can’t find it on the App Store!

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But first we need to get RFS out of the lead (Not any hate to any rfs players this is a joke)

RFS reminds of the graphics I used to have when I played Twisted Metal on the original Sony PlayStation.



Yes sir! #LetsGetInfiniteFlightToNumberOne

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Minecraft is hard to beat no 🧢, but anythings possible

RFS is a disgrace to the world of graphics and current trends

Beuh that’s really toxic and unnecessary

Spread the word to get IF to the top.