Idle Session Termination

Hey Community. I got this message during my flight today saying that “Infinite Flight has been in the background for too long and my session is terminated”. Not sure why that would be a thing if Im doing a long haul flight?

It means that you were tabbed away from IF for too long and that the system timed out. Do you remember leaving the app?

This means that you have left the app while in a controlled airspace or on a controlled frequency for a certain length of time. It is a safe guard for people flying into a controlled airspace so that as controllers are vectoring / controlling, someone leaving the app doesn’t re-appear randomly.

I never left the app, it was on the screen the whole time and I was getting ready to change centre frequencies then that came up.

Hmm. Did your wifi by any chance cut out?

That is strange. I think I read another topic about this…

Not sure, my WIFI is pretty good

It would not be wifi. otherwise there would be a red ( ! ) in the top right corner. it would not say idle.

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There is the potential that your phone may have turned off on it’s own. I’ve had that happen to me before. It can sometimes function as a “fail safe” of sorts if your device gets too hot.

Im actually using my ipad for flying and its been sitting next to me and i have been monitoring the flight for hours and it never did anything like that.

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There could be the possibility that you were booted from the server due to too many users. I’ve read a couple topics over the past couple days of people getting kicked off mid flight because the servers are overloaded. I’m not 100% sure about that though.

That would just mean the app crashed.

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