Idk what to put here :/

Plen: u can see
Time: idk
Route: somewhere in canada-jfk( i genuinely forgot)

Sun shots cause i couldnt find the moon :/

-1fpmcause im pro (i got CUG right before this for some nicereason :D)


and to the united i kindl u ask yhat u dont do 120 on 5 mile final w someone behind u, thanks🗿

watchu looking at🤨


sorry for all the random spelling mistakes and random letters and punctuation…ifc been trippin out on my phone for a while thats why i dont make much topics and no i cant edit the mistake :(


Amazing pictures you have there !
But i think you cannot put the first one with the light effect… Because we can’t post pictures with features which are not in the game.

It’s very clear that edits like this aren’t allowed, so please remove the first photo 🙂


I tried but as i said my ifc is giving trouble…its hard to explain but can someone confirm if the first pic is deleted or not

Thank you :)

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