Idk what to call this

Device: IPhone 14
Operating system: iOS 16.3

I was flying from TNCM to KSAN early this morning and when I took off everything was fine and I was afk for a bit. I woke up over Texas but for some reason still had every player in the area of TNCM loaded in. Like I saw them on the map but no one else near me would load in. So I checked infiniteX website and it showed that I was still over Puerto Rico not moving at all which was strange. So I disconnected my WiFi and the server then reconnected and everything loaded in near me and it showed where I actually was. I thought that fixed it but I guess it kept doing it because I went for a little more and everyone over or near Texas loaded in but I was nearing San Diego and no one loaded in so I disconnected from the server again and contacted atc but it started happening again like I disappeared off of there radar I guess. Even though I was still there. Strange idk what happened. I asked others on my instagram and they said the same thing was happening to them. At first I thought it was just me but I guess not. Anyone know what it is?

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This is most certainly an issue relative to this: Expert Server Upgrade

Try mentionning your issue there.


Is it the test expert server or whatever I want on that if it’s still available idk haha

The beta expert server has been migrated to become the main expert server.

Assuming you were on expert, please follow the steps here to report the issue in the Expert Server Upgrade thread:

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