Idk What Ima do now

Device:Android A21
Operating system:Android 12
64 bit processor btw

My phone 1 month ago worked fine with infinite flight and all its glory. But recently [Like 2 weeks ago] i was running low on storage so i was going to uninstall and reinstall it but when i did i couldn’t find i had to look through my recently installed and when i tapped on it i had no install option instead it read :Your Device isn’t compatible with this version “reffing to the IF app”.

Idk i just want to be able to enjoy ur game again and support y’all. I also want to enjoy many joyful experiences again. plz tell me what i can do to fix the problem. Anyway thxs plz reply.


I assume you mean Samsung Galaxy A21?

This alert will show if your device does not support the latest update of Infinite Flight, or if your device is not Google Play Protect certified.

The following steps will help you determine this:

Check to see if your device is Google Play Protect certified. You can do this by opening the Google Play Store, tap on Main Menu → Settings and check “Play Protect certification” under “About” (should say “Device is certified”).

If your device is not certified, this is because Google cannot validate the security or compatibility status of your device.

Ensure the following:

  • Your device’s bootloader is locked.
  • Your device has the latest official software update from your manufacturer.
  • Your device is on the list of Google Play’s support devices

Give me some time to try the steps and I’ll get back to you asap.

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i am certified and i have no boost loader on my device is updated to the latest version even play store

i don’t think my device is supported on the Google Play support device list but i can’t look hard enough because it keeps crashing when I try to look.

Your device is supported. So any of the two above are most likely the reason… or it could be your Play Store acting up.
Could work trying this:

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ok i’ll try and see if it works or not

Didn’t work just downgraded performance.

Does Infinite Flight have like a screen size limit for devices cuz that may be the problem too IDK if it is but that was one of the issues that Google said could come up with not being able to access apps?

Hope Samsung haven’t downgraded the architecture… PSA: Some Samsung tab users

Have you received any software updates recently? Could you check what architecture the software is? There seem to be a few instructions in the replies to that topic.

I would suggest you use more appropriate titles in your posts if you want to get better help and support.

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ok ill give it a look.

Ok now im super confused?

Screenshot of the system tab?

Hey @GrandMaster_Aviator

The screen size isn’t an issue.

Have you tried clearing Google play’s data and cache?


Did you recently change location? Or payment method?

Yes and yes

Wait No i did not change location or payment method

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