IDK, It's getting kinda warm out // Spotting @ KGRR

A great place to be on a sunny night would be none other than Gerald R. Ford International Airport. With temp of 75 degrees, I couldn’t ask for a better night. With my Panera for dinner, let’s see what GRR decided to throw at us today! Also idk what was going on but there was like 6-ish private jets just doing touch-and-goes at the airport, maybe DeVos or VanAndel are getting a new jet 👀

Bombardier Global 6500 slowing down after a long flight from GRR

American Eagle CRJ-700 roaring off for @KTJ_Mitchell land also know as Chicago/O’Hare

I actually caught this jet a month ago while spotting the MAX here, this E-135 off to Eau Claire, Swissconin

Delta mega bus (A321) off to Hotlanta, GA! I remember when I used to spot the 717’s and MD-88’s that used to fly this route 🥲

“I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends” Allegiant A319 off to @Kamryn burgh

Finally a United Express 🅱️RJ-200 slowing down after a flight from Washington/Dulles!

The gear I used in order to do the partaking of uploading thine beautiful pictures of aluminum cans that fly

Nikon D40 55-200 zoom lense

Also international

Thanks all, I’m still working on RSW part 2 for some reason, but hey, it might be out in the next year 🤷

~Devin / IF_KGRR


Allegiant 😍😍

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75f is cold for us lmao

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@N1DG All. Day. Long.
@ybtl.aviation 🤔 I’m not too sure what you mean, but we get FedEx’s 757’s daily to Indianapolis

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Gee that is a long flight. probably sets a new world record for longest flight.

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Yessir, couldn’t see the flight to CLT tho 😢

I’m from KAZO, I’d love to spot at either Detroit or GRR. Nice to see a fellow Michigander around here. Great shots nonetheless!

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Thanks @IFA_Mitch

Always nice to see some Mitsubishi regional jets

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Super cool rotations too 🤩 thanks @Q-ENAN!

I get all of those, except the A321 and E-135

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Cool! We get a ton of Allegiant’s, but my A319 pic turned out awful 😢


what i mean is that we live in a humid tropical climate and we dont get very cold seasons, so 75F is quite cold for us

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Oh shoot😅 I thought you meant 757 freighter 🤣🤣

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