Iditarod Flight to Skwentna

Today is day 9 of the last great race earth, the Iditarod Dog sled race is taking place in Alaska. Teams start in Anchorage, Ak for the ceremonial start then do a complete reset in Wasilla Alaska where the official race begins 59 mushers took place in this years race, 3 so far have dropped out. As long as I have been in the State this was my first year actually seeing the start.
The plan is to depart Merrill Field and fly north to Skewetna, Ak. About a 60 mile trip to see the teams race by.

Before we went to the helicopter we got to our pal’s Maule M5 and helped him load and fuel up over on the dirt strip to meet us out there. He’s part of the Iditarod Air Force which flies food, supplies, flying people in and out of check points and dogs back.

We began our flight in our R44 leaving Merrill

Due to my personal limits, I do not fly over water in a single engine aircraft, (unless there is a bridge incase I have to land) so the route was from Merrill - Birchwood - Knik Bridge - Wasilla and then onto Skwentna.

We departed Merrill and went right up, the weather was beautiful and the mountains were stunning.

We arrived to the Skwentna Airport where the Iditarod officials and Air Force had been active out there. I thought my camera took a picture of the airfield but didn’t =( If I find any I’ll add on! But the way to get to the roadhouse to the river was via snow machine. Gotta admit it’s actually fun!

When we got there a doctor brought his own R44 out, and we had lunch together it was an extremely fun day. Over all we spent about 2 hours of flying, and the entire day enjoying ourselves.


That burger looks quite nice I must say. Other than that cool helichopper photos. I know it’s spelled helicopter


It is, ever get a chance to visit it’s worth going get a burger from the Roadhouse!

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Why is Alaska so pretty? You are really lucky.

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