Identify this aircraft (Sound Only)

Hey everyone, I just had (what sounded like) a squadren Of jets pass over my house. I want to identify them, they didn’t show up on radar. I live a couple hours south of the closest AFB that I know of (Nowra Military) So I’m assuming the jets are Australian and doing some training flights but what are they?

Here’s what I heard, unfortunately I didn’t get a video of them as it was cloudy:



I only caught the audio of them as they started going away from my house .

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Its just about impossible to make out any distinct engine noises without a direct flyover. Just sounds like a normal airliner taking off.


Im guessing 2 f/18’s or maybe more. definetly not a helicopter.

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Yeah, I was thinking F18s, (Aussie Air Force have them)

Possibly Typhoons? Im not sure if the AAF operates Typhoons.

Except this is far south of any airport where airliners would take off from. The fighter was probably at cruise.

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