Identify this 747?

Good morning all. So I know these are really blurry pictures, best I could do from a moving car. But this 747 landed at kswf(Stewart international in NY) Friday. It had a long red strip along the body, and a red striped design on the tail. Any idea what it could be?


Military 🤷‍♂️

It looks to be a Kalitta Air 747.


Kalitta Air Cargo 🤷‍♂️

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For a second I thought it was northwestern

I googled northwestern just to be sure but nope

It could be Kalitta! I just read they do DOD flights and we do have half the airport for the Air Force and Marines…

Or cargolux

I’m not the best at identifying airlines, but If you can figure out when you took the picture, flight aware is your friend. Just look up the airport and find the arrivals list and you might be able to find it! Hope this helps

Found it


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