Identify appropriate gate when spawning

When selecting a gate to spawn in, we are currently not allowed to select a gate that is too small for our aircraft. I propose we take this a step further and color code gates that are larger than necessary for the selected aircraft. Many airports have only a few gates that support larger aircraft. It would be nice if when spawning we could see gates that were sized for our aircraft so we don’t occupy possibly one of a few gates a larger aircraft could spawn in.

Maybe color code the gates so you can quickly identify the ones sized for your aircraft.

I agree with this. I’ve seen CRJs park at stands allocated to A380s which becomes quite restructive to those who want to fly the A380s. Good proposal.


I think the suggestion is good, but for example my home airport has one gate that supports every plane up to a 767 (and even a 787 i think). This gate is still used by 737s and 320s. That could cause some problems if the airport has no dedicated gates only for large aircraft. IFAET would also have problems with adding this restriction as the used programm to edit gates only supports adding the gate size

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A good thread

It can be for specific stands at airports with R/C/L gates. A good example is OMDB’s gate C53 where R and L can be colour coded for code D aircraft while the C stand can be colour coded for code E and F jets.

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For example at Helsinki every non-Schengen flight departs from widebody gates, so IRL there are always also A320/B737 aircrafts to London, Dubai, Russia etc. Therefore, this restriction might decrease realism in IF.

This would be very helpful. Great idea Gary

I like the suggestion.

I have some additions.
For every spawn size (A,B,C,D,E,F) we could assign a different color (color red excluded). That way one could easily see which spawn size properly fits their aircraft.

Also, I think any spawn size too small for your aircraft should still be red. If something like this was implemented, it would make sense to be with the fixes to spawns that the staff are working on right now.

Got my vote!

BTW, I’m not suggesting restrict spawns to only the size appropriate for your aircraft. I’m saying flag the gates so you can make an informed decision. If the airport has most of its gates open, spawn at a larger gate. If it’s getting close to capacity, or if it only has a few large gates, you might want to select a smaller one.


Plus they should have parking size indicators for arrivals so that we know where to park if we are not flying to the airport much. You got my vote for the first one too though 😉

We don’t need this, it’s already bad enough as it is with the fact that most gates in real life that support small aircraft like the CRJ and Q400 can’t be used in infinite flight because “the aircraft is too large”.