Identification of "Gates" by Aircraft Type: Narrow Body, Wide Body, or Cargo

I’d like to bring up a critical suggestion that I believe is a necessity rather than a mere preference. The issue at hand pertains to the lack of clear indicators when it comes to selecting suitable gates for parking your aircraft, particularly when you’re already in-flight and have landed at an airport.

In the initial stages of flight planning on the expert server, users can identify incompatible gates, which are marked in red, indicating that their aircraft type cannot be accommodated. However, once in-flight and upon landing, this crucial information is conspicuously absent. This absence of information also extends to finding gates equipped with double or triple jet bridges, leading users to navigate the airport aimlessly in search of suitable parking.

In light of these issues, I propose the implementation of a system that offers clear indications for gate compatibility upon landing, and also provides a specific indicator for cargo gates. Such enhancements would greatly enhance the user experience, making it more convenient and realistic.


Great point, except we already have that, and for quite a while. Tap on the gate in-game once you’re spawned in, and it’ll say quite clearly if it’s an airliner gate, cargo gate, or GA gate.

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I don’t think u got what I was trying to say. I was suggesting the inclusion of a visual indicator, such as color-coding on a map, to easily distinguish between narrow and wide gates, as well as to identify which gates have one or more jet bridges, without the need to click on each gate individually.

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Gates often cater to both narrow and widebodies IRL. Gates you can’t fit won’t have a white dot; that’s enough distinguishment for IF purposes.

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What about Cargo gates?
And are u against having more convenience and enhancement in user experience?

I fail to see how this will enhance user experience?

Most gates I’ve seen have markings for anything from a 737/A320 up to larger wide body aircraft…

And cargo gates are the same, IRL they accommodate huge range of Aircraft… here for example I serviced a 737 on a cargo bay, then straight after it a 747-8F… on the same bay.

  1. Efficiency: Users would be able to quickly identify gates suitable for their aircraft type and the number of jet bridges available without the need to check each gate individually. This streamlines the gate selection process, saving time and reducing frustration.

  2. Realism: The indicators add to the realism of the flight simulation experience, making it more like real-world aviation where pilots need to locate and select appropriate gates at airports.

  3. Reduced Confusion: Clear visual indicators help users avoid the confusion and uncertainty that can arise when searching for the right gate, especially at large and complex airports.

  4. Convenience: The enhanced user experience translates into greater convenience and a smoother overall gameplay.

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The real need for this will arise once the A380 arrives, most airports have dedicated A380 gates and currently we don’t have any indication that tells the user that this particular gate serves the A380. I mean even though in game the A380 can fit at a single jetty bay that can fit Wide bodies but it would just seem unrealistic and out of place.

Quick solution can be the Airport map showing jet bridges.


That could be a fix to this issue. Thanks

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