Ideas on the the two updates

This goes to all of IF members for some new ideas for the next two updates let’s get started.

First off we all love the A350xwb anyways lots of you have reguested that we should have the A350 family in IF well I agree to but sometimes we just have to wait. But the A350 has some beautiful textures to like
Nice fuselage
Curved wing tips
Round engines to suit its look
That is all for the A350 family

Now most of you want a 330/340 rework and that’s ok because I want it to it does need some textures but in my opinion I want it to come out in the 4th update. With the A350.

Lastly CRJs in my opinion should come in the 3rd update only the crj-900 and the cry-1000 because we have got the cry-700
Thank you



You previously posted a similar topic and were informed about the guidelines regarding feature requests, which this is. I recommend you read that one, again.

In case you’ve forgotten:

Might also be a good idea to have a look here:

Thank you! :)