Ideas on how I can play infinite flight

I’ve played infinite flight for about 3 years now. I’ve played on the pro version on and off for the past 2 years. I play on an old iPad mini, I believe it’s a 3, and the gameplay quality has gradually declined. Now I am to the point that it glitches out so badly whenever I play that it isn’t even enjoyable anymore. I do not have any other device that I can use to play the game on other than my phone, which I use constantly. I do have a PC, but I’ve heard the PC version is not user friendly. Any suggestions on what I could do? I know it’s quite a vague post, but at this point, I’m desperate.

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At large 3D or busy airports, try lowering your graphics and setting the airplane count to “low.” It works for me and my game rarely crashes


unfortunely that’s a natural part of any device

other than the ideas butter had, and the PC thing you’ve mentioned (which in my opinion is rather user friendly, but I am used to tinkering with these sorts of things so your mileage may vary), you can give your ipad a reboot before flights and make sure no other apps are running.
It also won’t hurt to make sure you’ve got some free space on your device, given the older ipads have smaller capacities some of the glitches could be from that


I appreciate the feed back. Thank you, guys.

Is the a tutorial on how to get the PC version up and running? If so, do you have a link to it or could you explain it? Thanks in advance.

I use bluestacks and a xbox controller if i ever fly on PC

I install bluestacks and then get a 64bit instance, since modern IF requires 64bit. Then i run it, head to the play store, and download IF. Since i last used it there are some bugs with the drop down menus in IF (where you can’t select anything), but for all intents and purposes surrounding wanting to give it a shot, it does work

Im not sure but either mess around with the settings
Or use like bluestacks or any emulator I’m not sure

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