Ideas into realities (concepts)


As you know I try and transform certain ideas into a physical body. For instance requesting an idea and being able to SEE what that idea might look like when implemented. A lot of people on here have some AWSOME ideas, but in order to visualise it you need a source and something that can present your idea into a mock up!

I’m pretty handy with design software and replication, it’s also something I really enjoy and something to do in my spare time, I’d. Like to help make your ideas stand out with actual concepts and vVISUAL ideas.

Although each idea takes time, it may give the developers an idea of what you are aiming for, so they can perhaps work and re shape it. Each idea takes time to design so you would have to be patient. Obviously there are many things I will find tricky or be unable to do given resources and obstructions within the game. But I’ll try my best. If you have an idea and want that idea put into the game (with limitations of course) then PM me. Be descriptive and try not to complicate the idea too much. Be patient

But I’d be happy to do it, would be good to see ideas become real and allow developers to see what you are talking about.

Thanks! :)

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Thank you for offering this!

This is and will be a hit with all of us here in the forum.

Anyone want to see a NWA 747-200 with the final Compass livery or the AA 737-800 Astrojet retro livery 😍?

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We fully support this. If ppl have a great idea it is usually far more powerful and inspiring to us if we are presented with a mockup of how it might look like.

I would say that this should probably be limited to UI and maybe 3D helpers (like the landing helper or airport names, those need to be redesigned badly to make them more appealing and useful). Mockup of new features like clouds, buildings or cockpit won’t help, those are just bound by time and technical complexity.


So glad you support this!

Of course, I wouldn’t even attempt to create mock ups of asthtic interfaces like clouds and new aircraft. But I’d be happy to help with like you said UI and layouts. Thanks for the backup!

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UI of ATC mode on a Mac or PC please :)
I’m thinking using keybindings instead of a mouse to navigate.

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PM me with more details, be very descriptive :-)

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