Ideas For #screenshots-and-videos

I want to create a topic that the community will really enjoy, but I don’t know what the community wants. So the first 10 replies of this post suggesting what I should take pictures of in game gets to be in a topic, if that makes sense. You can suggest the aircraft, livery, place, and really anything. After those 10 replies, this topic can be closed as I don’t want to clog up the forum too much.

Thanks in advance 👌


A trip report with the route of your choice

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try MIA-MYR, I mean, you can see the beach

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Lots of new 3D airports. Could do some screen shots showcasing of off the beaten path 3D airports and show off some of the fine editor’s contributions.


Unique angles and style.

If you look through the category, a lot of it is the same/similar angles and style. The IFC desperately needs a splash of something new, something we haven’t seen before or in a long time.

3D airports are cool, but we see them a lot in the new screenshot posts, sometimes showing off the airport more than the plane.

Trip reports would be pretty cool too, if done right. Maybe consider a GA/Military version of it? Haven’t seen them in trip reports in a while. (To be fair, i’m not on here as much as I used to be.)

Anyways, most importantly is edit the photos, but don’t overedit the photos. Mild touch ups can really enhance a photo to look great, but when those whites start looking brighter than Discord light mode, and the darks start looking darker than the ANZ All Blacks livery, there’s a problem.


Thank you for this, I will definitely try my best! I’ll tag you in the finals product if you want ;)

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