Ideas for logging flights

They use a Google form and the flights I log show up on the Slack.

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Oh cheers that may still be a option

We currently run PHPVMS and Crew Center, however, it is not free. We also have a flight logs channel to post your picture for photo proof.

Not sure what you want in terms of ‘extra features’ our spreadsheet has things such as conditional formatting which will alert the logger when a pilot ranks up, and other things.

If you shoot me a PM of exactly what you need as features I would be more than happy to give you a helping hand.

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What do most VA’s use. Any VA you know use fancy software with cool features or do most just do it manually?

I believe almost every method of logging has been mentioned in this thread already.

From my knowledge, the main two systems that VAs use are Crew Centre ( VAM ) or manual logging using a channel in a communication app and a google sheet.

I haven’t really heard of any other systems unfortunately, but my suggestion is that you use google sheets as there are many functions you can use to utilise your logging experience. You could also use google sheets to calculate statistics such as total flight time or average flight time per flight.

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Still not sure which software has the cool features mentioned

Like I said, VAM or pHpVMS has those cool features such as bidding for flights, pireps, reports and expenses, and much more and its free. I don’t know why people are saying you must pay for it

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Great cheers mate out of curiosity do they connect to your discord or to a website and do the offer apps. I am looking into it now @BlakePope

We log our flights by first using a google forms then someone adds those to a spreadsheet with details such as date, flight time, aircraft used, fuel used, and such.

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Great to know i will use that as a backup

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I think he is asking about IF PAX?

Correct me if i’m wrong @callum5124 .

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What is IF PAX @MaksimFerguson

Your wrong hehe. IF Pax isn’t a software for virtual airlines. Good guess though :)

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What is it @BlakePope

Oi! Lets calm yourself,

Sounds Like IF PAX…

Take a look here @callum5124 Introducing Infinite Passengers.

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You don’t log flights on IF PAX nor is it a software that any Virtual Airline uses… 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Yes but its along the lines of what he is looking for, I don’t remember you being the OP let him choose…

Yep 102% wrong i am referring to logging flights not some app which falls apart when you open. Getting off topic please read the full detail at the top before replying to a post

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This referred to Infinite Flight Passengers, any complaints with an app which falls apart should go to IF PAX themselves.

There is nothing in your post which specifically says no to IF PAX, calm yourself :)

It’s not off topic to add.


You need to be clear in what you are looking for, a lot of what you have posted relates to IF PAX.

Or you could just join a VA…

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No i was off topic describing what happens when i use that app.

FOR YOU INFORMATION: that is not what i am talking about by the way.

It dosent relate to whatever that is if it says logging instead of INFINITE FLIGHT PASSENGER APP

We do not need to calm ourself we are not angry you are just pushing stuff that i have said no to and are referring to an off topic subject. Any further comments will be flagged