Ideas for logging flights

Hey all,

Just wondering if anybody can suggest a free software that maybe you VA uses to log flight.

Myself and some friends want to start logging flights together but i read somewhere you can also have online money and bid to run a flight and loads of cool stuff.

Let me know if you know any softwares for just logging or any softwares with some cool features also.


Is this not the correct category?

I don’t believe he’s requesting a feature to log flights in the simulator. He’s asking for what other VA’s use to get ideas.

Correct me if I’m wrong @callum5124


Yes just me and some mates want to log together and maybe be a bit competative

What you could do is log them on a Google spreadsheet, that’s what I was going to do prior to joining the VA I’m in.


Check out pHpVMS ( ) or VAM (Virtual Airline Manager. I have created many websites using those softwares.


We dont really want to have to spend time sorting it and it would be complex but thanks for the idea @ClarenceTheAvgeek

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Read the real post before commenting.


Cheers will check them out. Are they free

Yes, totally free and easy to use/install.

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I Use LiveFlight to log flights. It shows the route that you took.

I use it to track my flights all the time


Ok i will see but i want to have possibly some extra features as well.

I heard about these extra features anybody know what they are from. I couldnt find the forum page.

What do you mean by “Extra Features”

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See the first message

Like apparently you can bid to fly a route and there is online currency and it scores your flying etc. Cant find the link i hear about it from @Aviator_Airbus

Hi Callum,
An easy and free way is simply having a dedicated channel in discord or slack to post the pictures at the end destination with information such as route, flight time, aircraft type, etc… It is very simple. Then you record the time in a spreadsheet, easy peasy!
If you have further questions shoot me a PM :)


Yes cheers kevin its just we struggle for time which is why we wanted a software. Unfortunately that would be to long winded for us but thanks for the suggestion

When you say prior to joining the VA what do they use then?

What do you mean by long winded?
The setup for it would take no longer than a few minutes and I would be more than happy to help you out.
For a smaller VA where only a handful of flights are logged a day it would take no more than 5-10 minutes a day to log, BAVA used the method for a very long time and we still use a spreadsheet as a backup for the new system.

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What system do you use?

True but to have the extra features it would take a fair bit longer