Ideas for an IF companion app

What do you think would be an awesome companion for IF? (Doesn’t need to be technically achievable.)

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I’m a little confused as to what you mean by “Companion App.” Could you possibly elaborate?

An app that works alongside IF, kind of like IF assistant or Pax, and adds to the experience.

This is an interesting topic. I personally use IF passengers for Announcements and I use IF Assistant for GPWS and other callouts. (Basically all their additional packs except PA Announcements)

I think having a “Traffic Alert” callout companion app would be really cool.

For example Traffic, 1 o’clock, same altitude

This is a feature I have always wanted and I hope I am able to utilize such a feature one day.

Agreed! I have both infinite passengers and IFAssistant and they are great!

Netflix, which I use my ultimate reign and AirPlay to the massive screens in the A350.

For legal purposes this is a joke.

Turn the flight displays into a Tesla dashboard. That’s an idea!

If assistant is great

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