Ideas for a VA

can i have some community suggested VA names?


Often, VAs are based off of real airline names, but not always!

I suggest you take a look through the official IFVARB database to get some inspiration (and see which airlines are taken already), I’ve linked it below. A word of advice though, don’t just open a VA for the sake of it - passion is key when it comes to them, talking from experience :)



However: that name is protected so I would call it something else.

They used to be called “Aloha Airlines” or you could call them “Pineapple Express” 😁

WOW Air is also still available


FlyIf_0011IFPA Virtual Airlines

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A good idea if the name of the airline is copyrighted to composite the name of parts of their slogan if suitable. That’s what Nonstop Virtual did. Lufthansa was copyrighted so they used parts of the slogan “Nonstop you.”

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Rebal hit the nail in the coffin here. Unless you have the utmost passion and determination, starting one may not be for you. As a VA CEO, I can tell you it’s some hard work. And as an IFVARB Board Member, we can tell who cares and who doesn’t.

Regardless, if you create a VA, try to center the name around your real-life counterpart, assuming there are no copyright issues. If you create a VO, your options are endless.

You have a creative mind; I’m sure you can come up with something. 😉

Good luck, and feel free to message me if you need any help. Have a good one!


Thank you for your awesome review btw :) 🥰


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