Ideas for a new server

So I was just flying in expert server and I had a few thoughts on how to further increase the professionalism on a Infinite Flight server.

Actually I don’t think all expert server pilot are that professional and I think it’s because getting to grade 3 or above is just more or less flying for a certain amount of time and not getting ghosted/violated too much. But what if we had a server which in order to join you need to pass a flight test by a Infinite Flight staff/moderator? In that case the grade/achievement for the new server will be focused on your flying skills and aviation knowledge rather than how much you fly.

This is just a rough idea that I thought of for the the past few days, I will sure improve and detail it soon. If you have any ideas please reply to this topic, thanks.

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I think just making the rules stricter on Expert Server will be better than making a whole new server

This has been brought up several times, and most of us can say that’s not a good idea. Because:

  • It requires too much commitment for something so small from mods.
  • Mods will never have enough time to give out tests for the amount of new people who join ES every day.

For now, keep the conversation in here.

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Yup I absolutely agree but still I think there’s a possibility and way that we can have a more professional server. This might take a long time but I think there’s a chance.

We will not be testing people for access. That is not the way to go :)

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But making the rules stricter will get rid of the trolls on ES.

Well when I say not so professional I don’t mean not flying safely or trolling I mean things like landing really hard or approaching to high, non-realistic FPL etc. I don’t think you can have rules to restrict those problems.

im confused the ES is has strict as it can be I don’t see any reason to redo them or a new server all that should be considered is when IFATC is not present a mod (if they have time) sits and basically patrols the airspace that’s all we need…

We all have a bad landing someday tho


Yup, I know that’s quite a crazy idea. Maybe we can simply have a different way of ranking up rather than just counting on flight time, landings, violations, ghosts etc.

Yes but there isnt enough mods to police every airport

There are some other ideas floating around. We’ll see what happens :)

Closing this up as there are other topics where this is discussed already.