Ideas for a domestic flight out of LAX?


I was thinking of doing a flight from LAX

Is there a good 3-4 hour flight out of there?

Thank You!

One of the best websites I use to find flights from a certain airport is

It’s amazing and provides you with the flight number and flight time to destinations all across the globe.


LAX-MIA I think that one is 4 hours

I would reccomend looking at the “Airlines and Destinations” section on this page, you can see all the destinations served by each airline:

I personally use flight aware!

I find I can see more info that i can gather for my flight when using it.


AA 777-200

4 Hour Flight Time

All the info you need here

Los Angeles to Calgary is always pretty, you fly over Salt Lake City, some mountainous terrain before descending into YYC.

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ORD is my home airport. You want to do a group flight?

I’m flying LAX-ORD rn 😂

You can join me on my ORD-TPA groupflight soon though 29JAN21 / 2310Z - Chicago to Tampa @ KORD - KTPA

I’ll be flying from KLAX to KDCA in a 757 in a couple hours. It’s about 4 hours and 10 minutes, with an arrival right over IAD. I’d suggest taking a look if you’ve got the time!

@KBUR_Aviation How far are you into your flight? Maybe I can hop into another airport like LAS, DEN, along the flight route from LAX-ORD.

I think LAS-ORD would be the best

Would you like a route outside of the US?

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Oh, another one: Los Angeles to Loreto. You excecute a circling approach, and it was one of Alaska Horizon’s first CRJ-700 routes.

Sorry I accidentally responded to @William_Chin

heard you want a 4 hour route? try Beijing Capital - Lhasa or Khabarovsk - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 😉

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check on , here you can ask for a random route out of any airport and with a time limit

LA Realism Police here to help, I’ve got some unique flights (including Sports Teams’ Charters) if you’d like :)

Just PM me since I have way too may routes that would clog this thread.

I personally use Flightradar24 for finding my flights maybe if your still trying to find some maybe try using that app

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