Ideas for a 2hour flight

Have anyone an idea for a 2 hour flight in Europe?

Liverpool -> Madrid

Maybe 2 hrs 15 mins by the time you taxi and get to gate.

Ok, thank you

Istanbul-Tbilisi is just under 2 hours (the flight I’m currently doing rn)

The scenery is lovely round there…

Los Angeles to Aspen


Beautiful scenery

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YBBN to YMML is always a good Australian route, but YBCG to YMML is better tho

LBSF-LOWW. Really nice scenery, especially at LBSF.

Flight time varies considerably depending on your departure city and destination in Europe. For a flight from New York to London, you can expect to be there in about 7 hours. From Chicago to Paris, you’re looking at about 12 hours, and Los Angeles to Rome takes just over 13 hours.

GVA-LIS is about 2h, and the other times are in the post (and somewhat between 1:30-2:30).

London(EGLL) to Barcelona(LEBL) its almost 2hrs

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