Ideas and Suggestions

I’ve been trying to contribute to this commonunity by coming up with ideas and suggestions to make IF even better.
Unfortunately I feel I haven’t been taken seriously by members, mods and staff, which is disappointing. Well, not by all of them of course, but still.
Apparently my input is not appreciated.

I’ll keep reading stuff and help answer questions as best as I can, but I’ll keep my ideas to myself from now on.

I will try to prevent negative discussion and disappointment as much as I can.

I’m spending too much time here anyway. I need to fly more. 😉

You can always PM me for other stuff.


I look up to you, Jan. And yes, I agree with you that this time round, the staff has gone overboard with it.


I can’t see why, I have found your input helpful in lots of occasions.


I will keep doing my best to be helpful.
I just won’t be posting ideas and suggestions for the time being, because the way of discussing things seems to be getting worse.
I want and need to avoid negativity as much as I can.
I’m spending too much time here anyway. I need to fly more. 😉


You should keep posting your ideas and thoughts @Jan, they help the Community and the game in general to grow.
For example, you’re the only one who has posted about the correct runway use at EHAM.


You talk about EHAM and you don’t get fire

I talk about WSSS and everybody shoots me

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I won’t deny that. I too have seen a decline in constructive criticism.

A topic I thoroughly enjoyed reading but then was too lazy to use. That’s just me ;)

But that doesn’t help.

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Not using it you mean? Or my comment?

I just provided information.
Many seem to appreciate it.
I don’t try to force things,
When I see the wrong runways being used on Advanced, I’ll just leave.
I don’t want to fly with people who don’t care about realism.
Not that I don’t still have a whole lot to learn, but still.


Having the information and still choosing not to use it.

I know, I forgot to print it. I use EHAM almost half of my flights because of its extraordinary layout I love. Guess I’ll start using it…


Totally agree


Me too. I love EHAM! 😍


I never tried EHAM until yesterday

The layout is confusing but that’s what makes it unique! ;)

Well, search for my posts or take a look at FR24.
It’s really pretty straight forward.
Also see this:

Of course your input is helpful :-)
But yes it happens to everyone :-(

Hi Jan,

Agree it can be frustrating when only get negative feedback from people on this forum. However you have great ideas and are a voice of reason !

What we need are “champions” or Regional Experts who know well a certain region and can offer advise to other users on routes to fly, airport operations etc.

Perhaps on the larger regions ( SoCal I am looking at you) have several Experts to cover the different airports etc.


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