Ideas and possible solutions

Are we just talking to and amongst ourselves in this community or do ideas and possible solutions get through to the devs?
Does what’s being thought of here have any impact what so ever on the developing process?

Just wondering if I’m wasting my time here.

Saying whats coming next in 2016 (like 2015 post in IF website)

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The devs should know this answer …

Of course they do - whilst the don’t reply to every topic, they do read this forum frequently.

It’s worth bearing in mind that at this point in the development stage, most feature requests are known (buildings, worldwide, etc.) and development of them are simply limited by time and resources (including device power). This forum serves as a good place to see what there is most demand for (to plan development cycles).


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Global Flight is in active works?

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Of course!

How is it possible they make us happy on Infinite Flight? From our ideas, what we share is what they need to know. All major apps out there use communities like this get ideas and suggestions.

Plus: they can’t find all the bugs on there own…

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I never said that in my post. :)

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As long as theycontinue to remain tight-lipped, then we will never know

Ok well the Dash 8 is a perfect case in point. If you look back there was many discussions regarding adding More turbo-Props / regional aircraft which then moved on to discussions regarding ATR / Dash 8. At various points the DEVs comments ( though not often). But also if you listen to the flight cast pod casts when the DEVs are interviewed they discuss the impact of the. Community on occasions.

Also I am sure that I am not alone that whilst the features section is of interest the other sections of the form is of more intrest.