Ideal Landing Speed

Whats the ideal landing speed for E 175?

Google is your best friend you know…

According to Laura’s(she was Matt) reply in the post, they should be accurate

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Also check this out. I know it’s not specific to your aircraft but it all depends on your weight.

There are so many factors, weight, wind, runway length could come into play (Ex. If your landing at Edwards AFB your landing speed can be insanely high compared to some small regional airport) Some crazy approach’s could change it…

Long story short, hard to give you a number…

Best method in my opinion is when you are using the HUD you can see with the small circle where you are headed and the difference from the nose angle. Watch your decent rate, and keep things in line with the glide slope and use whatever speed Is required for that…

(I tried my best with that explanation, PM me if you need to clarify…)


She was Matt?? Laura??

Sorry but if your saying she is a he, that explains a lot.

He did say they were accurate. It all depends on your weight, wind, etc. though. Infinite Flight has come a long way since those post, but I’d use the posts above for a basic reference when flying.

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Yeah maybe for a irl plane but this is a old model of plane on Infinte Flight. Its reasonable to ask here.