Idea of using grid square's as references for comms

Does anyone know how many ‘grid squares’ are on the IF Globe?
What if each grid had a ref # and when flying through that grid you go to discord where each grid has a channel. join that specific grid ref/channel and you could talk to anyone else flying through that particular grid ref?


Sounds like a risky thing to do… as now days we can’t trust people to talk with others and as infinite flight has a wide range of age groups…Things might not go well…

Also infinite flight wouldn’t use discord

sorry to break your heart… but this is most likely not going to happen


Check out this if you like you can vote for it.


Technically all im asking for is a reference number for each grid. Like slack discord or any other messaging platform it would have nothimg to do with IF. Like IFpax or IFassistant

If i used discord it has nothing to do with IF. Im mearly asking.for wach grid to have a ref. The rest would be third party

The idea above is just an ides and requires more work from developers infact it requires a whole team. Bringing comms to IF would be as much work as bringing global. But ky idea requires a thew pixels per grid.

Thankyou for pointing out the vulnerability to children. Im going to create an app instead. Will not have anything tk do with IF. Thanks again

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