Idea of ‘Infinite Flight’

I couldnt find any other topic that answers my question but im curious, who came up w the name and why ‘Infinite Flight’ of all things?


The term first came up in Infinite Runway, Infinite Flight’s predecessor app. Basically an ATC-like game. Thank Laura and Philippe for that 😉


Its because of that a legend was born.

I remember Laura saying that the reason they picked Infinite Flight is because the word infinite means, “endless.” And since Infinite Flight is global, you can fly forever. It’s a good match to be honest.


I was thinking that but thought i was overthinking it, thank you :)


No problem!

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Predecessor app? Do you mean FDS?

That was the predecessor studio to IFLLC.

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Are they still part of FDS or is that gone?

Until you run out of fuel


Unless you are in solo

IFLLC is FDS. They just work exclusively on the Simulator now.

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That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!👍

Infinite flight wasn’t always global

He means the world map not online

It was named Infinite Flight prior to global 😜

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Yes lol. I know but you could fly around the regions so that can be considered flying infinitely.

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FDA wasn’t a predecessor studio, they just changed the name from FDS to Infinite Flight (LLC) . And also, they should be called Infinite Flight, not IF LLC - it’s like calling Nike “Nike, Inc.” every time you refer to them.

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