(Idea) No more Features request for bug fixing.

I am just wondering if it’s really necessary to make a feature request regarding a bug fix…

Because it’s
1, support category is here for bug report
2, bugs are really a thing that every dev fight against. If a dev knows how to fix a bug, they don’t need a feature request to fix that bug.

So just creating a Feature request only to tell devs to fix a bug :

  1. Kick a vote of your (very small) limit of votes, for something natural in every programming environment where every dev have to deal with.

A lot of feature request regarding bug fixing talk about a known bug. So it’s for me just fine to report a bug on support category then let the devs deal with.

For me, feature request for bug fixing aren’t very constructive and allow user to burn votes for nothing.

Share your opinion on that :)


I agree that a feature request about a bug report isn’t in the proper context. I would like to see the “floating bug” thread pinned to the main page with an emphasis that the global release will fix it.


All bugs should be placed in the support category, not in the features category. No discussion needed. :)